Let’s Build You A New Website

Your website is the basis for all your internet marketing. Traffic from search, social media, email and other websites all link to your website. It is important to have the right components (call to actions, layout, functionality) in place to see an increase in phone calls, online lead forms and conversion types. After a website redesign, you usually see an increase in leads by around 20%. The process is simple. Let us design and produce your new website, or redo your old one. We can develop a custom-built website framework with the elements you or your business needs. Once your new site is completed we can turn the keys over to you or we can keep it up to date for a fee.

Quality websites are important to us, why?

Local Search

Google ultimately became the dominant search engine because it is adept at displaying, on the first page of search results, the most relevant content that matches a keyword query.  With small businesses, local search is becoming more and more important.  If you don't want to pay-to-play, then you need a bigger organic local presence.  Is your website Google ready?

Technical issues

Google's goal is to deliver a positive user experience, so content on sites with architecture problems won't likely earn high ranking.  Small business owners need to thrive online.

UX (User Experience)

Do people want to be on your site once they find it? A lot of the technical and content elements have to work together in concert to provide a great user experience.  If they are "bouncing" off your site as soon as they get there that means something isn't right!