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Look at it like this, you have an attractive website with flash images, fantastic content, and excellent web design, yet somehow your business is not performing as desired. The reason behind this dilemma lies with your website’s visibility. If your business doesn’t use SEO services, it won’t show up on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Valuable customers, potential and existing, could be lost, a sentence no business owner wants to hear.


Website Development and Search Engine Marketing

Do you have a website?  Is it performing to your expectations?  Your website is the best way people can find and reach out to you or your business. Your website should be your best brand ambassador, your first salesperson, and your number one advocate all at once.  What does this mean? It's about how you offer value to each of the potential people visiting your website.  You still need to get found and have a digital storefront that doesn't break the bank.  That's where we can help.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization fundamentals never go out of style.  That's why we take Google search results very seriously.  Marketing strategies and web analytics are essential for website planning, but there are other things at play as well.  Are you updating your site regularly? Is there duplicate content.  Is it following webmaster guidelines? Listening to our customers' ideas and stories helps us craft the proper content strategy to feed the algorithms search engines crave.  Crafting a real marketing campaign and implementing a real SEO strategy is a significant factor for small businesses.  This is how you know you have hired a good SEO.

Search Engine Results Page (SERPS)

People use Leviathan Digital to get found.  With technical experience and knowledge to optimize and manage your brand's local search engine results, getting more customers is about to get a whole lot easier without the painful expense of a big agency.  We only take on referred clients, so you always get the attention you deserve.  And you don't have to mortgage your business to do so.




Please visit our new and improved site for inquiries: LEVIATHAN DIGITAL MARKETING