Will A Good Website Help Me Obtain More Business?

Your website is your digital storefront and the basis for all your internet marketing. Traffic from search, social media, email and other websites all link to your website. It is important to have the right components (call to actions, layout, functionality) in place to see an increase in phone calls, online lead forms, and conversion types. After a website redesign, you usually see an increase in leads by around 20%. The process is simple. Let us design and produce your new website, or redo your old one. We can develop a custom-built website framework with the elements you or your business needs. Once your new site is completed we can turn the keys over to you or we can keep it up to date for a fee.

Quality websites are important to us, why?

Local Search

Google ultimately became the dominant search engine because it is adept at displaying, on the first page of search results, the most relevant content that matches a keyword query.  With small businesses, local search is becoming more and more important.  If you don't want to pay-to-play, then you need a bigger organic local presence.  Is your website Google ready?

Web Design

Google's goal is to deliver a positive user experience, so content on sites with architecture problems won't likely earn a high ranking.  Small business owners need to thrive online.  Let's optimize your existing website o build you a new one.


Google does not like to be gamed.  The old days of black hat SEO are over.  If you want to rank you need to play by the rules.  We know that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.  What problems are you trying to solve for your customers?  We work hard to ensure we optimize for people first and search engines second. This is how you get ahead of the competition.


Yes, you can pay $30,000 for a website but some of us can't afford that.  We specialize in small business needs.  We tailor your new site to suit your needs.  And for a fraction of the cost.  Get your quote now!

Blueprints for the Web

Ok, you have your website design.  It's ready to launch.  Is it easy to use?  Is it organized?  Your website needs to be designed with user experience in mind.  Even if you have an existing website we can still help clean things up for usability.  Either way we are here to analyze your needs and help.

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?  Well, think of it this way...You are a small business or restaurant located in Colorado and you want your customers to find to you that are searching on Google Maps.  Do you want to be optimized for a person living in Australia?  No, you want your website to be geared toward being found with customers that are near your proximity.  Especially if you have a brick and mortar location.  E-commerce is a different animal altogether, which is handled differently.  So what we do is plan your local SEO strategy to help you grow your business locally.

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Research and site analytics
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